October's Cruel Night was recorded by Porl and drummer Ses Granozio under the group name Gala's Shadow. The record has been described as "a romantic look through saddened eyes" by local Adelaide critics.

1. Scarlet Bow
2. True Heart
3. Drowning Under Me
4. Holy Ophelia
5. You Can Make Me Feel (Creeping Jesus)
6. Hold Me Down
7. Shouting at the Rain
8. Seven Sailors Cry
9. Russia
10. Scarlet Bow (quiet version)


The Crooked Made Straight, Porl's first solo CD, is a vast change from the "Gala's Shadow" release. The C.D contains no vocals other than incidental samples, and also no Bass guitar. Shaiman explains "This C.D was made up of 4 track ideas transferred, mutated, and additional ideas added over the top of existing music. It's very much a collage of instrumental pieces. Very keyboard orientated. I wanted to get away from the bass guitar as my main voice".

1. Siren Sisters
2. The Moon over Violet Town
3. The Strings of A Marionette
4. Lillian
5. Boxing Night (Sleepless)
6. As Close as Stations on a Dial
7. Spangle
8. Temple of Cries (Part 1)
9. Temple of Cries (Part 2)
10. Eternity


A Buoy Painted White

1. Slide
2. A Dark Day By The Sea
3. Heaven Angel
4. Arrows In Different Soil
5. All Is Not Well In This World
6. August Light


This is a compilation CD which Porl made for distribution to music publishers.

1. Wicked This Way Comes
2. Arrows In Different Soil
3. Scarlet Bow
4. Siren Sisters
5. Drowning Under Me
6. Lillian
7. True Heart
8. Bravado's last Goodbye
9. Shouting at the Rain
10. Spangle
11. You Can Make Me Feel (Creeping Jesus)